Airplane Cake


Jackson's Airplane Cake 2012

This was a fun cake to create! It served as a spark for new and more detailed cake I had to start trying. Simple in some ways harder in others.

How I did it ~ Cake
This was the simple part, with a simple rectangle cake.

How I did it ~ Decorating
I made my favorite Butter icing recipe, and used food colouring to colour it a nice bright sky blue colour. For the plane, I got a foam sword, A foam bat with plastic handle, and a toy with those flying propellors that shoot up from the base you hold) I cut the handle off the bat, and used the “just above the handle section” and used that as the pilot’s domain. For the wings I cut the handle off the sword, and then cut holes through the sides of the body of the plane and slide the wings through. I secured the finished airplane to the cake. Then I iced the whole airplane in my grey colour. Then Black for detailing to create the front and side windows. I chose orange for the writing. Fun cake 😛


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