Construction Cake


Construction cake

For my Construction obsessed three year old, I wanted to create something unique for his cake. I looked for ideas online and took three cakes with certain elements I liked and put them together to make this. Obviously I bought a construction set of four vehicles for the decorations on the top.

How I did it – Cake
First i Baked just a single layer rectangle cake. Then I baked two 9 inch round cakes for the circular part. With one of the round cakes. With a 1/4 piece of cake I used that to make a ramp up to the main cake to be a starting point for the road.

How I did it – Decorating
After each cake piece was in place where I wanted them, and on the tray I was going to present it on. I covered each cake in chocolate icing. While thinking about where my road was going to go.

I then mapped out and marked/scraped off where I wanted the number three shaped road to go Everything else played off that.

I then geared up with my yellow icing and my writing tip and drew the lines in the road knowing where the name was to start and centre it and wrote CAUTION where I wanted it. I trimmed the whole cake with my yellow.

Then out came the green for shrubbery. This part was fun because I was able to really fill up where I wanted my greenery to be. I also filled in some small trees up the sides over my yellow trim. I used chocolate cookie crumbs for a part of the dirt road and then placed my little construction vehicles around my cake and the front loader on top digging up a dirt pile.

The finishing touch was putting chocolate chips around the front loader and in the bucket. 😛 I was thrilled at how it turned out. My son Loved it and still talks about it.


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