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Giraffe Cake


Giraff Cake

This cake was really fun to attempt. I never did a cake quite this big before so I was unsure with how it would all turn out. This was for my second sons first Birthday, and I wanted him to have a special cake. With the Birthday’s we’ve had so far, we’ve had little themes and so I looked online to see if I could find a cute little Baby’s First Birthday Cake using a little Animal. My sister’s boyfriend helped me think of a cute little Giraff. So I went searching online to see the one I felt I wanted to attempt. After viewing hundreds of Giraffs, I found the perfect one I wanted to try!

Seeing as I only had a couple little pictures to go by, I had to be creative and figure out how it would all work and how it would all fit together. This was the most difficult cake so far in terms of hours spent and level of difficulty.

How I did it – Cake
Body – For the base or body of the Giraff, I baked With the top layer of the two, I rounded off the corners by shaving the cake in a little just enough to take away the top corner edge so it would appear like a rounded body.

Head – For the Head, I created a sphere shape cake.

Limbs – For the front and hind legs, I just baked one 9 Inch round cake and cut out two small round cylinder shapes for the two front legs, and the rest of that cake aloud me to make the shapes for the hind legs. I made some flater, curved looking shapes so to seem like bent legs. Then I did the same thin layer of icing to act as a sticking agent to the rest of the icing.

How I did it – Decorating
The first thing I did was to map out the areas I didn’t want the giraff spots, like the tummy area. I used my yellow icing first and lined the tummy area, and around the eyes. Then I used my white and filled in those two areas. Then came time for my brown spots. This was the most tedious part. I changed to my chocolate icing and filled in the spots of the Giraff all over the head, body and limbs.

For the finishing touches, I added grass all around the bottom of the Giraff using my grass tip and green icing. I added a star to highlight his candle and in green I wrote Happy Birthday Levi on the front of his front legs. It turned out better then I had planned 😀