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Husband, Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad 86th Birthday


Grandad's 86th Birthday cake


Granddad’s Cake “83”


As my Mom was planning a large potluck Birthday party for my Granddad, I wanted to do the cake. Since I knew there would be a significant amount of people there, I knew I needed to have enough to feed everyone for dessert as well as make it special for him.

How I did it – cake
The bottom layer of this cake are 2 rectangle cakes placed side by side touching. These two cakes were made for the base. I iced the two base cakes in white icing. I then made two more rectangle cakes, but then marked out the numbers that I wanted. After marking where I wanted to cut, I refrigerated the two top rectangle cakes for the numbers.

How I did it – Decorating
I used my food colouring to colour my white icing to until I got the desired blue, and made sure to get all the inner walls of the numbers too. The next step I did was the orange trim work.

Next came my fondant stars. I made my own marshmallow fondant using this recipe.

I added blue food colouring to make a nice light blue and then rolled it out and using my star shaped cookie cutter, I made stars to place scattered all over the numbers. On each star I had one aspect of who Granddad is. With Husband, Dad, Granddad, Great- Granddad, Brother, Son, Uncle, Friend, Boss.

Next came the whole vision of the cake for me when I attempted to create a life like figurine of my Granddad. Using Gum paste to create him.

I was able to create a life-like miniature version of Granddad complete with suspenders and a pen in the pocket! It was this figurine that finished off this cake with Oooh’s and Aaahh’s 🙂